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Placement : Bandung office

Description :

Community Empowerment of Greeneration Foundation (CE-GF) is a division that creates, develops, and implements community empowerment-based programs in supporting sustainable development. Until 2020, we have already developed numerous community and empowerment programs in 9 provinces in Indonesia, such as Jakarta, Riau, Kepulauan Riau, Jambi, Bengkulu, Nusa Tenggara Barat, Bali, Lampung, and Banyuwangi. We are looking for a program development officer with a high spirit and ambition to develop a sustainable waste management program implementation with community empowerment and development approach in Indonesia. The role is perfect for you who desire to seek potential ideas,solutions, and concept building through brainstorming, communicating with stakeholders, and composing a proposal. If you are accepted to fill this position, you will be placed at our headquarter office in Bandung. As a program development officer, you are responsible for supporting our vision to expand the potential of a massive, innovative and impactful community empowerment programs realization in Indonesia supporting a sustainable lifestyle. Furthermore, you will lead the development of sustainable waste management implementation - EcoRanger Program to support national tourism strategic areas (KSPN) by the president of Indonesia.

Responsibilities :

  1. Support in managing a full range of the program development under a program manager of community empowerment. 
  2. Assists the development of the EcoRanger program in national tourism strategic areas (KSPN). 
  3. Implement a communication outreach to potential community partners in the site area. 
  4. Develop a project development framework,  concept-building, and compose a proposal of potential projects. 
  5. Coordinate with program partners, financial supporters and other relevant stakeholders associated with program development. 
  6. Build research instruments, conduct desk research and literature review of project sites. 
  7. Managing all activities related to program development, such as a webinar, media briefing, and other relevant activities
  8. Conduct monitoring, evaluation, research and learning in community empowerment program development. 
  9. As we need someone adaptable and a quick learner, it is possible to work on new tasks that might be available in the middle of the program.

Requirements :

  1. Graduated from Bachelor of Environmental Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Social Welfare, Anthropology, Community Psychology or relevant majors in environmental fields from reputable university, or 
  2. Graduated from any major on engineering that are highly passionate, well known and experienced in the environmental sector. 
  3. Having experience in managing community empowerment and development projects or teams, is highly preferred.  
  4. Good writing skills in English is required. It is recommended to have TOEFL test with score minimum of 450 or IELTS 5
  5. Having experience in financial and project management application
  6. Agile and self-starter
  7. Adaptable and dynamic
  8. Have good research skills particularly in social studies

Selected candidate will be placed at Greeneration Foundation’s Bandung office. Please send your CV, Motivational Letter, diploma/academic transcript, recent TOEFL/IELTS score, and your Writing Portfolio. Be sure to make it into a 1 single document (PDF format) to career@greeneration.org by the latest on 20th of January 2021. Please name the document and the subject with VACANCY CODE_FULL NAME

Application Form

Please send your CV and a motivation letter in English to career@greeneration.org maximum on 20 of January 2021.

Please name the document and the subject with VACANCY CODE_YOUR NAME.

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