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Let's Advance Your Professional Career
at Greeneration Foundation!

Do you want to have a professional career in the environmental sector? It’s time to learn and develop your professional career by joining the internship program at Greeneration Foundation. This internship program will take approximately three months based on which position that you apply for.

At this time, we don’t have any internship opportunities, but we are still open for academic internship opportunities. Please send your application to career@greeneration.org

What Will You Get?


Internship Certificate

Capacity Building

Recommendation Letter

Here is The List of Position that You Can Apply: 

Content Writer

Content Writer Intern For Media Division (CW MED)
Bandung​ Office

International Communication

International Communication Intern Of Fundraising (IC-FUND)
Bandung Office

You’re applying the Internship Program

Please send your CV and a motivation letter in English to career@greeneration.org maximum on 20 of January 2021.

Please name the document and the subject with VACANCY CODE_YOUR NAME.

You’re applying the Internship Program

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