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Illustration of Technological Progress
Illustration of Technological Progress. (Source: Marvin Meyer/Unsplash)

Technological advances have helped and brought about change, including in jobs where data and information process are streamlined within a system. This information system makes it easier for all lines of work to manage transaction, documentation, and correspondence.

Good news for the environment: technological advances also make it easier to implement sustainable consumption and production, including in the workplace. Technological advances offer the latest innovation, namely paperless office. Basically, paperless office works by digitizing correspondence and documents. Besides its eco-friendly nature, this movement is proven to be more economical and save office budget. Efficiency is another advantage: correspondence can be done more seamlessly at faster rate, and document archiving is simpler and neater.

Paperless system has been developing for a long time and has been applied in various businesses. This idea was put forward by Frederick Wilfrid Lancester in his book “Toward Paperless Information System” 1978 that paperless is a condition in a business environment that is fully digital as effort to reduce paper consumption. Although it is not new, some people still find this concept unfamiliar, given that paper has been the main medium of business for a long time.

A paperless office, also known as as paper-free office, is a work environment that uses minimum paper and switches to digital documents instead. A paperless office is being carried out by paperless employees, workers who successfully reduce the use of paper in their operations. The process of switching from physical paper to electronic documents is known as digitization.

Although the use of paper cannot be completely eradicated, at least with paperless office, excessive use of paper can be minimized. Paper will only be used if it is in an urgent situation, but it is even more effective if everything can be done electronically.

Many benefits can are reaped by offices that go paperless. Some of the benefits that will be obtained include:

Environmentally friendly

Environmentally Friendly Illustration
Environmentally Friendly Illustration. (Source: Nick Fewings/Unsplash)

In average, 24 trees are cut down to make one ton of paper or about 200,000 sheets of paper. Worldwide, more than 15 billion trees are cut down each year to meet the demand of the pulp industry. The trees in the forest function as the lungs of the world that absorb carbon dioxide, produce more oxygen and provide a home for biodiversity. Minimizing the use of paper, of course, will help in preserving our nature, where paper itself is made from wood pulp.

Practical and Efficient

Illustration of Someone Applying Paperless Office
Illustration of Someone Applying Paperless Office. (Source: Wes Hicks/Unsplash)

Paperless office is much more practical and efficient. Ee no longer need to carry documents physically because the documents are already stored in storage media such as databases that can be accessed anytime and anywhere. When we need to send these documents, we can do so more quickly by sending them via email or social media, which can be received instantly and real-time.

Save Cost

Illustration of Saves Expenditures
Illustration of Saves Expenditures. (Source: Mathieu Stern/Unsplash)

Reducing paper usage will be very helpful in saving costs. The expenses for purchasing the paper can be reallocated for other operational needs.

Safer than Most

Data Security Illustration
Data Security Illustration. (Source: Dan Nelson/Unsplash)

Physical documents are often less safe as they are vulnerable to loss or damage. It’s different if the document is stored digitally, since the document is stored in a database controlled by security. For even greater protection, we can easily backup the document to mitigate the risk of lost and damaged document.

Written by: Yohanna Christiani


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