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Trash Barrier: Block River Waste to Ocean

Trash Barrier (Greeneration Foundation)
Trash Barrier (Greeneration Foundation)

Generasi Hijau, now, rivers are contaminated by waste. River pollution also affects the ocean. We figure out that more than 2.4 million tonnes of waste in the world end up in the ocean here. We have to respond to this problem with a solution.

Trash Barrier

Citarum Repair’s Trash Barrier Installation (Greeneration Foundation)
Citarum Repair’s Trash Barrier Installation (Greeneration Foundation)

Have you ever seen floating tools that block river waste? The tool is called a trash barrier or boom. It is installed to prevent waste in the waterways from entering the ocean. This is the technology of river waste management.

It is a new waste technology in Indonesia. With 5.590 main rivers in Indonesia, this technology needs to be spread evenly around. Uniquely, the concept of this tool is available in traditional and sophisticated technology. 

Traditional trash barriers are made from nets and assembled jerry cans or dumpsters. Those tools are the alternative solution for cheap trash barriers. The more advanced trash barrier itself is made from steel and aluminum, with a tube-like shape. Some models have a steel net below, that functions as a fish path. 

This tool is easy to use. Moreover, it can operate for a full 24 hours in trapping waste. The advanced trash barrier is more durable rather than the traditional one, because it’s corrosion-resistant and sturdy. 

Operation System

Greeneration Foundation’s trash barrier at Citarum River (Greeneration Foundation)
Greeneration Foundation’s trash barrier at Citarum River (Greeneration Foundation)

Location is an important aspect in operating this tool. It should be easy to access by boats or ships that collect those waste. Therefore, it is better installed in the estuary to stop waste. 

This tool is installed transversely from one riverside to another. It will trap the floating waste immediately. Then, the operator collects the waste in a boat or uses another tool, such as a conveyor. Finally, it is put in the wagon or waste truck.

Citarum Repair Installed A Trash Barrier to Trap Waste

Citarum Repair's Trash Boom and Conveyor Installation (Greeneration Foundation)

Citarum Repair has utilized this tool to generate a bigger impact. This program uses a trash barrier to trap floating waste in the Citarum River. It also functions to trap water hyacinth. The people near the river process water hyacinth to create crafts. 

The length of the trash barrier in Citarum River reaches 30 meters. It is adjustable to the width of the river water surface. In collecting the waste trapped, the operator uses conveyors. The waste will be pushed to the conveyor. After that, the conveyor’s slider will transfer the waste into the land. This machine uses solar panels as an energy source.  

This Greeneration Foundation’s program collects more than 150 tonnes of waste since it installed the trash barrier in December 2021 (Waste Data, Citarum Repair).  It is equal to the weight of 40 Sumatran elephants. The waste is then processed by the recycling industry. This technology streamlines the operation of a sustainable waste management system.

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Aviaska Wienda Saraswati

Aviaska Wienda Saraswati

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