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Zero-waste Week to Save the Earth

Zero-waste week campaign (Rebecca / Pinterest)
Zero-waste week campaign (Rebecca / Pinterest)

Generasi Hijau, we are in International Zero-waste Week Now! Many environment and zero-waste activists campaign zero-waste lifestyle during this commemoration. This campaign strike to protect the earth from waste pollution. Let’s get in deeper on this campaign here!

Zero-waste Week

Rachel Strauss (House of Strauss)
Rachel Strauss (House of Strauss)

Zero-waste week began when Rachelle Strauss was anxious about the impact of floods that also hit her during the Boscastle Flood in 2004. She realized that human behavior is responsible for the climate change that causes floods. Since then, she transformed her and her family’s lifestyle into an eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle. Then, she developed a platform to share interesting tips and information about zero-waste lifestyle, it is MyZeroWaste.com. Later, she create zero-waste week campaign for the first time on September 9th-10th in 2008.

This campaign focus on reducing waste through recycling in household, industries, community, and school. This campaign is a grass root movement. Since the first campaign, zero-waste week has brought some innovations in reducing waste such as compost, biodegradable plastic, and biodegradable packaging. To appreciate her contribution to zero-waste week, Rachelle won a Hot 100 List Award in 2014. Of course, winning an award is not her priority. However, she contributes to reduce waste passionately to tackle climate change.

Zero-waste Week Mission for Earth

Shopping Without Plastic Bag (Unimmafm)
Shopping Without Plastic Bag (Unimmafm)

Starting from a family movement, this campaign spread to the world. From the UK, now there are 76 countries joining this campaign every year. This campaign has a mission to make people aware that waste is dangerous for environmental sustainability. Therefore, zero-waste idea presents for us to reduce waste that we produce in daily life and life in a more eco-friendly way.

This campaign encourages various lines of society. The government, community, and industrial players are encouraged to join this campaign because all have an essential role to develop a synergistic zero-waste lifestyle.

Let’s Join Zero-waste Week!

Nol Sampah Store (Raisan Al Farisi / ANTARA Foto)
(Raisan Al Farisi / ANTARA Foto)

Generasi Hijau, let’s join this campaign and apply these simple tips to reduce your waste. First, use reusable packaging. This is an effective way to reduce food or drink plastic packaging waste. You can bring your tumbler and lunch box anytime. Second, you can extend the lifespan of items by transforming the functions or donating secondhand items. For example, use your secondhand clothes as a wiper or donate if it is feasible to use. Third, recycle your organic and inorganic waste! Recycle your organic waste into compost or eco-enzyme and your inorganic waste into eco brick. 

There are a lot of solutions to manage your waste sustainably. Now, you can contribute to manage river waste and marine debris. Join #KemanaSampahmu campaign. Find out how smart are you to answer the environmental issues quiz. Join this campaign to donate IDR 20.000 for River Clean Up. So what are you waiting for? Join the quiz at www.kemanasampahmu.com.

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Aviaska Wienda Saraswati

Aviaska Wienda Saraswati

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