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Greeneration Internship Academy – EcoRanger

Greeneration Internship Academy (GIA) is the program of Greeneration Foundation aimed to create future leaders who have eco-lifestyle awareness, strong leadership, and organization skills, through workshops and training and practice opportunities in the implementation of our programs.

This is your chance to learn and get experience with Greeneration Foundation. Join our team and let’s be the part of Greeneration Internship Academy – Batch 2. This internship program will be held on February 15 – May 15, 2020.

What’s the difference between the GIA Program Division to other internship programs?

Greeneration Internship Academy (GIA) is a flexible constructive internship program. You don’t need to work in our office every day, you just need to come to our office 2-3 days a week. Even you may choose the days based on your availibility times. During your internship, you won’t get exhausted tasks but the knowledge about environmental issues and skills plus practice opportunities.

What is benefits that you can get from GIA Program Division?

  • GIA Certificate
  • Skills:
  1. Project Planning and Management based on ISO 21500
  2. Proposal Development
  3. Budget Planning
  4. Engagement and Partnership
  5. Event Organizing
  6. Volunteer Recruitment and Management
  7. Creative Media Campaign



Preferably resides in Bandung

  1. Proposal and Grant Development Intern (2 People)

a. Responsibilities

  • create a grant proposal and develop the proposal for fundraising
  • create a business plan
  • create an interesting presentation
  • create Minutes of Meeting
  • create a concept for environmental project

b. Qualification

  • Student/fresh graduate from any major
  • Experienced in creating a proposal
  • Experienced in creating a business plan
  • Skilled at operating Microsoft Powerpoint
  • Proficient in design is more preferable
  • Proficient in English communication is more preferable
  1. Finance and Clerk Intern Officer (1 People)

a. Responsibilities

  • Create a project budget
  • Create financial records of daily transaction
  • Oversee the preparation and planning of budgets
  • Make sure that the financial records are always updated
  • Analyze the errors in financial records
  • Make advance and reimburse form

b. Qualification

  • Students from management/accounting/finance major are more preferable
  • Have a good understanding in finance
  • Proficient in making financial report
  • Have a good writing skill

If you are interested, send you your CV and Portfolio to: ridwan@greeneration.org before 10 February 2020

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