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Eco Ranger

EcoRanger is an awesome team in tourism destinations in Indonesia aimed to protect our home country clean and sustainable.
Our capabilities include sharing knowledge, entrepreneurship, guidance, organization, and building empowerment.
These five competencies are vital in addressing waste management issues in tourism destinations, especially in the emerging 10 Strategic National Tourist Destinations (KSPN). We want to make sure that tourism destinations are always clean and maintained properly.

Bebas Sampah

Bebassampah.ID (BSID) is a national platform that mobilizes multi stakeholders to participate in realizing Zero Waste Indonesia through the mapping of waste assets as a solution and collaborators who are concerned about waste management issues that are also the members of the Indonesia Zero Waste Movement (BIBS).
BSID is also a platform to exchange information related to waste management issues as well as to promote waste management at the regional level.
In commemoration of the National Waste Care Day 2020, we invited all people to move and map their movements through Bebassampah.ID. We have provided the guidelines below for more information.


Indonesia Circular Economy Forum [ICEF] is an platform that bring together all decision makers from government, top companies, as well as environmental issues enthusiast to sit together and discuss about the issues and the potential of Indonesia implementing circular economy concept in the future. It aims to raise the awareness of the audiences as well as to identify opportunities to work on the implementation of circular economy in Indonesia.

Citarum Repair

Greeneration Foundation and its partners, Waste4Change and RiverRecycle, have received a grant from The Beniof Ocean Initiative and The Coca-Cola Foundation to develop and implement a pilot project in respect to reduce the waste amount in a river in Indonesia, particularly in Citarum River, for three years. As we know, Citarum River is recognized as one of the dirtiest rivers in the world, even though the river has so many ecosystem services that are beneficial to livelihood. Greeneration Foundation has roles as a project leader and a communication specialist, Waste4Change as a local waste management expert and RiverRecycle as a provider of the physical system used in this pilot project.

Indonesian Children Care for the Environment (ICCFTE)

Greeneration Foundation in collaboration with IKEA Indonesia and Sweden Embassy initiated an educational program for children on waste management issues especially food waste named Indonesian Children Care for the Environment (ICCFTE). This program aims to educate children on environmental awareness through eco-friendly lifestyle such as reducing and managing waste especially food waste. This program also provides a storybook that portrays the story of the life cycle of banana.

This program is targeted to publish 400 storybooks which then will be activated in 4 elementary schools located around IKEA stores. This storybook will be equipped with a module as a teaching material for teachers or parents who want to use this storybook. The activation will be conducted in collaboration with local communities around the school to empower their communities and to support the sustainability of this program. Books and modules are also accessible on Greeneration Foundation website. 

*Due to the current pandemic, this program is being postponed temporarily until the situation is safe to continue the activities*


P4G is an investment program funded by the governments of Denmark and the Netherlands and operationalized at the World Resources Institute to achieve global goals of sustainability. Meanwhile, P4G has established collaborative partnerships with 12 member countries, there are Bangladesh, Chile, Colombia, Denmark, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Kenya, Mexico, Netherlands, Republic of Korea, South Africa, and Vietnam. There are other partner organizations involved, including C40 Cities, the Global Green Growth Institute, the International Finance Corporation, the United Nations Global Compact, and The World Economic Forum. The investment from P4G is given to more than 50 public and private partnership projects that offer innovative solutions to promote sustainable growth in Indonesia’s three priority sectors, namely food, clean energy, and a circular economy in various developing countries.

One of the programs that get funding in Indonesia, namely the Driving Refill Solution. This program aims to reduce the pollution of single-use plastic sachets and provide lower-middle-income consumers with daily necessities at lower prices. This project is developed by the Greeneration Foundation and the Siklus Refill where GF focuses on community education and the Siklus through its business model. The solution that Siklus offers uses a refill vending machine and mobile sales platform (“mobile warung”) which connects to customers through an application that provides consumer goods information and also collects information on waste management and waste collection in the customer’s environment.

Support Organization

Support Specific Program