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We Cannot Solve Waste Management Crisis in Indonesia Without Your Help

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Reduce Ocean Plastic Sollution

By delivering a free river cleaning service for Citarum Repair

About Citarum Repair

Greeneration Foundation and its partners, Waste4Change and RiverRecycle, have received a grant from The Beniof Ocean Initiative and The Coca-Cola Foundation to develop and implement a pilot project in respect to reduce the waste amount in a river in Indonesia, particularly in Citarum River, for three years.

As we know, Citarum River is recognized as one of the dirtiest rivers in the world, even though the river has so many ecosystem services that are beneficial to livelihood. Greeneration Foundation has roles as a project leader and a communication specialist, Waste4Change as a local waste management expert and RiverRecycle as a provider of the physical system used in this pilot project.

  • Similar projects lead by RiverRecycle are currently in the works in India, Bangladesh, Philippines, and Vietnam
  • Waste4Change ia currently managing 15 TPD of municipal solid waste and is expanding its operations to include marine debris waste management

Why Citarum Repair?

A project will be not known well without a name. We have decided to have Citarum Repair as our identity. Citarum Repair stands for Citarum River Plastic Recovery that aligns with the goal of our project to significantly reduce ocean plastic pollution by delivering river cleaning as a free service for affected communities

We commit to clean the river using our technical and social approaches.

We deploy a set of physical systems to concentrate, collect and convey waste trapped in the river to the land

Then, we process all the waste responsibly by using our proper waste management system

We simultaneously educate the local society living around the pilot project area

We Aspire to Collect Nearly 5 Tonnes of Waste Each Day And to Reduce River And Marine Debris

Initially the treatment facility exists for 1.5 tonnes of waste per day. Meanwhile the objectives of this project are to:

Reduce plastic pollution entering oceans via river system

Incentivize proper waste disposal by raising awareness on the issue of river and marine debris and a responsible waste management

Develop a system to monitor river plastic waste to inform targeted actions and policy development

The impacts of this project

Increase Opportunities

Increase employment and entrepreneurship opportunities from new waste stream

Reduce Marine Debris

80% of marine debris comes from land activities through river channels

Increase Awareness

Increased awareness on the issue of waste management in general and marine debris in particular

The communication strategy and plan of this project will be developed in 2020 and the communication outreach will be intensively conducted in 2021 and 2022.

Education Module

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