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Citarum Repair

Reduce Marine Debris From River

About Program

Citarum Repair (Citarum River Plastic Recovery) specializes in river waste management. Greeneration Foundation leads this pilot project in collaboration with Waste4Change as a local waste management specialist and RiverRecycle as an expert and provider of trash boom technology from Finland. We work together as Indonesia-Finland coalition. Our collaboration is also supported by the Benioff Ocean Initiative and the Coca Cola Foundation from 2020 to 2023. Find our work in Cihampelas Village, West Bandung Regency!

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Our Mission

Reduce marine plastic pollution through rivers

Raise public awareness about marine debris issues and responsible waste management

Develop strategies to monitor and make river plastic waste management policies

Our Scope



Educate the people of Cipatik Village and Cihampelas Village directly

River Cleanup Held by Citarum Repair (Greeneration Foundation)

Environment Campaign

Invite communities to campaign protect rivers from waste through social media and river clean up actions

Impact for Indonesia

Beneficiaries since 2021
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Increase in beneficiaries' waste management knowledge
+ 0 Tonnes
of waste managed since 2020
+ 0 Tonnes
of waste Managed / Day
0 Tonnes
of waste recycled since 2020
*Citarum Repair Google Data Studio 2020-2022
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*Citarum Repair Media Perfomance Report 2021-2022

Our Dream

Reduce marine waste through a plastic waste barrier system in rivers

Build responsible waste management habits to tackle marine debris

Formulate a policy and monitoring system for river plastic waste

Our Action

Our Article

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Our Collaborator

Collaborate with us and take action for planet Earth. #SolutionNotPollution

Collaborate with us and take action for planet Earth. #SolutionNotPollution

Collaborate with us and take action for planet Earth. #SolutionNotPollution

There is no Planet B. Together, we can save this planet we call home, though.