Driving Refill Solution
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Driving Refill Solution

The refill solution to reduce household plastic packaging waste

About Program

Driving Refill Solution (DRS) carries a mission to reduce single-use plastic waste pollution by educating the habit of refilling. We collaborate with Partnering for Green Growth and Global Goals (P4G) and Siklus, a startup that is engaged in providing household needs using refill vending machines for the community.
kegiatan refill mingguan di kopassus cijantung

Our Mission

Reducing the pollution of single-use plastic sachets and provide affordable refills for daily necessities
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Our Scope

siklus di acara sosialisasi learning tahunan bank sampah wahana visi indonesia


We educate homemakers in Jadetabek to increase understanding and awareness of plastic pollution.

River Cleanup Held by Citarum Repair (Greeneration Foundation)


We advocate policy makers to come up with solutions to reduce household plastic waste

Detergent Refill by Siklus (Siklus Refill)

Providing Refill Facilities

Siklus provides a refill service for household needs

Our Impact

1.600++ Jabodetabek people feel the impact of reducing plastic consumption

*DRS beneficiaries data since 2020
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*Driving Refill Solution Media Perfomance Report
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Our Action

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Waste Education

We have been educating people in 13 subdistrict in the Jabodetabek area since 2020

online talks show

Online Talk Show Driving Refill Solution

The talk show raised the theme “Business, Profit, and Sustainability” which was attended by 42 business actors

Our Collaborator

Collaborate with us and take action for planet Earth. #SolutionNotPollution

Collaborate with us and take action for planet Earth. #SolutionNotPollution

Collaborate with us and take action for planet Earth. #SolutionNotPollution

There is no Planet B. Together, we can save this planet we call home, though.