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Indonesian Children Care for The Environment (ICCFTE) is an education program about waste management issues, especially food waste. This program aims to educate the public, especially children, on environmental awareness through eco-friendly lifestyles such as reducing and managing food waste. This program also provides a storybook that portrays the story of the life cycle of banana.

This program is a collaboration between Greeneration Foundation, IKEA Indonesia, and Sweden Embassy.

What We Will Do

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the education activities will be done virtually. These activities will be conducted in collaboration with local communities to help educate children through various learning materials. There are 2 main education activities that will be held:

  1. Virtual Meeting: a webinar activity that aims to introduce children to food waste issues and how to manage food waste.
  2. Urban Farming Practice: a gardening activity that carried out directly by each child in their house guided by their facilitators online.

Our Goals

Educate children on
environmental awareness

local communities

Support the sustainability of
this program

*Due to the current pandemic, this program is being postponed temporarily until the situation is safe to continue the activities*


It should be started from ourselves to manage our food waste. There are many ways to do this activity.
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Bana si Pisang Berjalan-jalan

Bana si Pisang Berjalan-jalan is a storybook that portrays the story of the lifecycle of banana. This book illustrates how a food journey takes place, from getting raw materials to processed food. This book also explains that food scraps should not be thrown away, but processed into compost. With this book, hopefully children will understand where their food comes from and how to manage their food, including reducing their food waste.

Authors: Tini Martini Tapran and Kandi Sekarwulan
Illustrated by: Nesia Anindita

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Download the Book "Bana si Pisang Berjalan-Jalan"

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