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We Cannot Solve Waste Management Crisis in Indonesia Without Your Help

Come and Join Us Now!


Greeneration Foundation in collaboration with IKEA Indonesia and Sweden Embassy initiated an educational program for children on waste management issues especially food waste named Indonesian Children Care for the Environment (ICCFTE).

This program aims to educate children on environmental awareness through eco-friendly lifestyle such as reducing and managing waste especially food waste.

This program also provides a storybook that portrays the story of the life cycle of banana.

What We Will Do

This program is targeted to publish 400 storybooks which then will be activated in 4 elementary schools located around IKEA stores. This storybook will be equipped with a module as a teaching material for teachers or parents who want to use this storybook.

The activation will be conducted in collaboration with local communities around the school to empower their communities and to support the sustainability of this program. Books and modules are also accessible on Greeneration Foundation website.

Our Goals

Educate children on
environmental awareness

local communities

Support the sustainability of
this program

*Due to the current pandemic, this program is being postponed temporarily until the situation is safe to continue the activities*

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