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Partnering for Green Growth & Global Goals

Partnering for Green Growth & Global Goals

About P4G

P4G is an investment program funded by the governments of Denmark and the Netherlands and operationalized at the World Resources Institute to achieve global goals of sustainability.

The investment from P4G is given to more than 50 public and private partnership projects that offer innovative solutions to promote sustainable growth in Indonesia's three priority sectors, namely food, clean energy, and a circular economy in various developing countries.

Featured Program

One of the programs that get funding in Indonesia, namely the Driving Refill Solution. This program aims to reduce the pollution of single-use plastic sachets and provide lower-middle-income consumers with daily necessities at lower prices.

This project is developed by the Greeneration Foundation and the Siklus Refill where GF focuses on community education and the Siklus through its business model.

The solution that Siklus offers uses a refill vending machine and mobile sales platform (“mobile warung") which connects to customers through an application that provides consumer goods information and also collects information on waste management and waste collection in the customer's environment.


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