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Graphic Designer GDI PD

Graphic Designer Volunteer Of Platform Development (GDI PD)

Placement : Jakarta Office

Description :

Greeneration Foundation is currently working on the Platform Development program, consisting of Bebassampah.id and IndonesiaCEF.id. The main objective of the program is to develop a digital platform in order to become an information portal as well as a collaboration hub on zero waste and circular economy issues.

We are looking for a student who is expert in graphic design with the spirit to create platforms that support zero waste and circular economy behavior to fill the position of Graphic Design Volunteer who is responsible for posters and videos making for @bebassampahid social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter).

You can work remotely, but occasionally you will be asked for offline meetings in the Greeneration Foundation Jakarta Office, at the Dikolom Business Space, Cipete, South Jakarta.

Responsibilities :

  1.  Assisting Marketing Strategist Intern in editorial and communication planning for @bebassampahid social media;
  2. Internal Copywriting Assisting in researching and creating contents to post on @bebassampahid social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter);
  3. Lead the posters and videos making for @bebassampahid social media;
  4. Internal Copywriting Assisting in monitoring, analyzing, and reporting posted contents performance to Marketing Strategist Intern;
  5. Assisting Marketing Strategist Intern in managing @bebassampahid social media to create interactive communication with followers.

Requirements :

  1. University students from all majors;
  2. Having knowledge or experience in graphic design, social media management, and social media analysis;
  3. Able to operate the Microsoft Office and Google Suites very well;
  4. Able to operate Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, or CorelDRAW (Canva does not count) very well;
  5. Have a high passion in the environmental sector, particularly waste management issue;
  6. Have very good communication skills in a working environment;
  7. Agile and self-starter;
  8. Adaptable and dynamic;
  9. Have good critical thinking and creativity.
  10. Able to work remotely and willing to conduct offline meetings if needed (conditionally, 1-2 times a month).

Appreciation :

  1. Capacity Building and trainings
  2. Certificate or e-certificate
  3. Recommendation letter (if needed)
  4. Merchandise (adjustable)
  5. Transportation replacement Rp1.500.000,-/month for Bandung placement and Rp2.000.000,-/month for Jakarta placement;
  6. Additional consumption and transportation replacement if needed when participating in office activities/event (reimburse);
  7. Maximum health insurance of Rp300.000,- for 3 months ( Conditional – reimbursement system).

Selected candidate will be placed at Greeneration Foundation’s Jakarta office. Please upload your CV, diploma/grade transcript and your Portfolio (Graphic Design, Social Media that has been or is being handled) to career@greeneration.org by the latest 25th of January 2021. Please name the document and the subject with VO_VACANCY CODE_YOUR NAME.

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